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3 Things to Look For When Replacing Windows

There comes a time during every homeowners tenure that they start to think about replacing their windows. This task can be overwhelming, given how many different options and varieties are out there. Since windows have a very long lifespan, making the right choice is critical for the value of your home, how much you will spend on energy, and the overall aesthetics of the property. Here are a few things to look for when it's time to replace your old windows in your home.

Make Sure the Windows Are Good Quality and Easy On the Eyes

A huge factor in determining which windows to use to replace the old ones in your house is how well they are going to hold up over time. You've likely never had to replace the windows in your house before, meaning that these windows are going to be there for a long time. Making the wrong choice can cost you more in damages down the line, so it is recommended to invest in high quality glass for the house.

Another important factor when determining which windows to use in your replacement is the way they make your home look. The windows could be of good quality but if they make your house seem "off" than they are likely not your best choice. The windows should match the look of the home and compliment the overall theme of the house. For example, if your home is very old then modern looking windows may not be the best choice. This can be said for the opposite also, if the house is very modern windows that look old is probably not the best choice. The best piece of advice is to find a company that is versatile with the designs of their windows. Once you have laid out all of the window options they have to offer you can start to determine which style is the best fit for your home.

A factor that sometimes is not taken into account is how much light the windows allow into the home. The quality of glass in windows varies which also means that their transparency differs. Windows that let a lot of light into the home can have multiple benefits. It can increase the mood of those inside the home, as well as compliment the overall color scheme of the home's interior . It can also cut costs on energy used to light the home. The top windows in this category can make it possible to not have to turn on any lights in the home from dawn to dusk regardless of the weather outside. These three aspects can make some pretty drastic changes for the home and they can either be for better or for worse.

Find Windows that Are Environmentally Friendly... Your Wallet Will Thank You

Not all windows are created equal. The same applies to the energy saving benefits that each window has to offer. It is commonly overlooked how much windows can effect your energy bill at the end of each month, and making the wrong choice can cause that bill to increase. Windows act as insulation for the house, keeping the outside air from entering the home and inside air from escaping. Traditional windows are usually insulated with Argon, a gas that is 6 times as dense as air. While this does a decent job at insulating the home, depending on the age and state of the windows a lot of air can be escaping and entering the home. This will cause your home to use more energy to keep the house at the temperature you want it to be at. More energy being used means more energy that needs to be produced. This means higher energy bills and more greenhouse gasses being emitted into the atmosphere.

Windows that are insulated with Krypton, per the newest technology, do a much better job at insulating the home. Krypton is 12 times denser than air making it harder for air to pass through it compared to Argon. Krypton also provides up to 40% more insulation compared to its Argon counterpart. As a result, the temperature inside the home is barely influenced by the temperature outside. Using these windows will calm the worry of your hard earned cash escaping through the window along with the air from your home.

The Windows Need to Be Able to Stand Their Ground

Arguably the most important part of a window is whether or not it is going to break easily. All of the other features and benefits go out the window (no pun intended) if it is going to fold during a storm. Here in the Northeast, we experience all four seasons and see some pretty extreme storms during all parts of the year. That's why it is especially important to make sure that your windows are durable and will protect your home. Double and even triple pane windows would be a great place to start. High quality glass ensures that it is built tough and can hold its own against the elements.

This same rule applies to the frame of the window. Window frames are typically made out of wood, which is part of the problem. Overtime wood starts to deteriorate and wither away. This opens up the opportunity for liquids the seep through the windows causing leaks inside the home. This can lead to mold and even worse structural damage. Not to mention if you let it get too extreme it will eventually stop holding your window in place. Look for windows that are made with vinyl frames, as they take much longer to breakdown. Vinyl is a material that you can trust to stand the test of time and make it that this is the first and only time that you will be replacing your windows.

Hopefully you picked up a thing or two when it comes to deciding which window is right for your home. If you find a window that meets all of the criteria than it will definitely be worth the investment.

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