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5 Signs Its Time to Replace Your Windows

As with almost any long term, physical asset that you purchase there is going to be a point where items are going to need to be replaced or upgraded. This ideology is no different for your home, especially in regards to your windows. Most homes that are over 20 years old are still using their original windows. This can lead to a variety of issues down the line that can cost the homeowner money among other things.  There are many factors that go into determining whether or not your house will need new windows. However, replacing these old, faulty windows can lead you to saving money, improving environmental conditions, feeling safer inside the home, and more comfort overall. Here we have listed the top 5 reasons why you need to replace your windows! 1. You Energy Bill is higher than you want it to be… and increasing annually. Have you ever touched one of your windows on a cold winter day? Did you feel the freezing window pane against your skin? What about on a summer afternoon? While it may not seem significant, this energy is being transferred through your window and into the home. This is causing the temperature in your home to be affected by the temperature outside. As a result, your heating or cooling system is going to use more energy to ensure that the temperature in your home remains at the level you want it to be. This will send your energy bill soaring considering heating and cooling systems use a lot of energy to begin with. The reasoning behind this is because older windows are insulated with Argon, which does a poor job at insulating the home.  However, windows insulated with Krypton, which is denser than Argon, do a much better job at preventing outside interference affecting the temperature inside the home. This can reduce your energy bill significantly over time. 2.    Decaying Frames and Leaky Windows This is one of the most obvious signs that you need to replace your windows. Wooden window frames start to decay over time, if this problem is left unattended then it could lead to structural or safety issues down the line, such as mold. This problem could get so severe that you could be left with pools of water on the ground of your home. While replacing the window frames may temporarily remediate the problem, it is like placing a Band-Aid on a bullet wound, it can only help for so long before another replacement is needed. The logical and financially responsible choice of action would be to replace the windows with ones that have vinyl frames, to avoid this problem from happening in the future. 3. Poor Window Operation or Lack of Interlock System This is important and is often is overlooked when people think of vulnerable points of entry into the home. Most people would assume that as long as their windows are locked, they are impenetrable without the glass being broken. However, there is another way to enter the home through the windows. The point where both parts of the window connect provides an easy opportunity for unwanted guests to enter the home. This can be accomplished using something as easy as a butter knife. Interlocking windows exist for exactly this reason. The interlocking system causes the top half and bottom half of the windows to lock in place with each other. This means that neither half can be removed (when locked) without pulling out the entire window frame, which unless the Hulk is trying to get into your home, it is unlikely someone would go through these drastic measures. Another issue that requires window replacement would be poor window operation. If opening and closing your windows is not a smooth, effortless process than you should consider upgrading your windows. Opening your windows to get some fresh air in the house should not be like trying to pull King Arthur’s sword out of the stone. 4. Condensation While not all condensation is bad, if it is appearing between the two panes then it should be cause for alarm. If the condensation appears here it means that your window seals have failed, and it is a ticking time bomb until you experience one of the issues listed above. 5. Aesthetics Sometimes you don’t need an alarming reason to want to change your windows out. There are many instances where the windows that are installed are just plain ugly. Maybe you just moved into a new home, or are just tired of looking at the same, old, ugly windows daily and want a change. Windows that are produced today not only give a modern sophisticated look for an affordable price, they also can fix any of the issues listed above. Sounds like a win-win right?

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