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Are My Windows Ready For The Cold Weather?

The leaves are starting to change, football is back on TV, your kids are back in school, and you're waking up to some cold mornings. That can only mean one thing: Fall is upon us! When you're thinking of what needs to be accomplished before the harsh Winter months start to come around, don't let your windows fall too far down the list. You'll be thanking yourself during the cold Winter that you decided to have them checked out.

Drafty Windows

Last winter season did you notice that you were cold in your home? Was this despite having the heat cranked up as high as your wallet allows you? The draft could have occurred near specific windows in the house, or it could have been on entire floors. Either way, if this happened to you last winter, definitely get your windows checked out before this years winter season starts. This is especially true if you live in an older home that has not had the windows replaced in decades. Regardless, its never a bad time to replace your windows for new energy efficient windows.

Reasons To Replace Your Windows Before Winter

Using windows that meet strict ENERGY STAR requirements offer more than just keeping your house warm while its cold outside. Heat loss and gain through the windows and doors account for up to 50% of the homes heating and cooling needs. This means that choosing the right windows, with strong insulation properties, is very important if you are going to replace your windows. You have the opportunity to not only be comfortable in your home and eliminate those nasty winter drafts. But you also are able to save money on your heating costs. Connect with an expert today, who will give you their professional opinion on the most energy efficient and adequately priced windows for your home!

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