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Hinged Doors vs. Sliding Doors... Which Are Better For My Patio?

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

If you have a patio at your house then it is likely that you have already thought about your options for patio doors. out of all the options to choose from when deciding to open up that entry way, there are really only a few that are plausible. Sliding and Hinged patio doors are the best options. They both have their own features and benefits to enhance the home. They also have their differences between them, ranging from the amount of sunlight they allow in the home to the way that they function.

Hinged Patio Doors

Hinged patio doors tend to be more sophisticated than their sliding counterpart. From a functionality standpoint, hinged patio doors hinge/pivot at the sides where the door connects to the wall. These doors can swing either in or out depending upon preference. There are also several designs that can be incorporated into the hinged doors. Some offer a modern look while others appear more exquisitely crafted. Another factor to think about is if you want one door or two. Both options are available, however there is a big difference between them. Double hinged doors require more space than their single hinged options. On the other hand, with double hinged patio doors there is double the glass. This means more light in the home and more space to view your patio through the doors.

Hinged Patio Door

Sliding Patio Doors

A large benefit of sliding patio doors in that they save space. Just like in the name, these doors slide to open on a track opposed to opening in or out. As a result, they work well in rooms with limited space. Sliding doors usually consist of two large windows, one being stationary while the other one slides. Typically sliding doors allow a lot of light into the home, and provide a great view of your property, since they have more glass than hinged doors. Another advantage to sliding doors is that they usually also include a sliding screen. This provides a large area for ventilation to keep the home cool and catch a nice cross breeze, as well as allowing you to hold a conversation with your guests from inside the house.

Sliding Patio Door

Overall hinged and sliding doors have their own benefits and drawbacks. Both serve their purposes well, so determining which one will be best for your home strongly relies on personal preference. Sometimes an outside opinion from someone qualified is a good decision. It definitely can't hurt. We can find an expert in your area to give you their opinion at no cost!

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