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How Many Panes Should My Windows Have And What Should They Be Insulated With?

When you're choosing your replacement windows you are faced with a lot of choices. These choices can become overwhelming if you don't know what you're looking for. A big factor that you need to be aware of is the amount of panes your window will have. While it may seem like a rather minuscule detail, it has a larger effect than you'd might think. Having too little panes or too many can make a big difference in how energy efficient your home is.

Another important detail that is over looked is which gas should insulate your windows. There are a few options of course, and they all have different prices and insulation abilities. Again, this affects your home's energy efficiency, which ultimately affects your wallet. In this post we will go over the ideal amount of panes that your window should have, as well as the best gas to insulate your home with.

Window Panes

Theoretically, it is possible to have as many window panes as you'd like. However, the more that you tack onto your window, the more expensive it is going to be. We call the ideal amount of window panes the "Goldilocks Zone". This is where there are enough panes to properly insulate the home while there are not an excess amount of panes running up your bill.

Single pane windows are windows that you want to stay away from. With only one pane, they do a poor job at insulating the home. This means that air from inside of the home is going to leak out. In addition, air from outside of the home is going to seep into the home. This means that your house will be using more energy to keep the home at the ideal temperature.

We consider double pane windows to be the perfect amount to have in your home. This allows the opportunity for an insulating gas to be injected between the panes to keep the home from leaking air. It also is cheaper than if you were to go with more than 2 window panes. Over 2 window panes is not worth the cost in terms of energy efficiency. In other words, after two window panes, each additional window pane becomes less energy efficient while you're paying the same for each pane. This is why we recommend double pane windows as the perfect middle ground.

Insulating Gas

When it comes to the gas that is insulating the windows, there are really only two options. The two most common gasses that insulate the window are Argon and Krypton. Both of these gasses are more dense than air and successful at insulating the home. However, Krypton works a little better than Argon at insulating the home. This is because Krypton is almost twice as dense as Argon, meaning it acts as a better barrier between the outside climate and insider air. The only drawback of Krypton insulation is that it is more expensive than Argon. Most window experts believe that the extra money you spend will be made up in your energy savings. This is why we recommend Krypton gas insulated windows.

At then end of the day there are many options to look at when replacing your windows. While the accessories outline in this article may seem minuscule, they can actually help you save a lot of money in the long run. These are just recommendations, but it is best to have a licensed professiona give you their opinion to ensure that you are getting the most for you money.

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