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What To Avoid When Maintaining Your Windows

If you have windows it is important to maintain them to increase their lifespan. While the amount of maintenance varies depending on the type of window, and the material of the frame, all windows will require at least a bit of maintenance. It is also important to know what not to do when tending to your windows, as there can be negative consequences. Here are a couple things not to do when maintaining your windows.

Not Using The Right Window Cleaning Tools

While windows are fairly simple to clean, using the wrong tools can have a negative impact on the windows. When you wash you double hung windows, use soft material dipped in a mild cleaning solution. If there are any large build-ups of dirt, then a soft-bristled brush is appropriate. To dry the windows use a soft, lint-free cloth. By doing this you will clean your windows without damaging the finish on the window.

Leaving The Window Shades Down

It is common for some homeowners to leave their curtains, blinds, or shades down in colder months to prevent window condensation. While this may seem like it is preventing condensation, in reality, it's actually trapping moisture near the windows. This can lead to mold and mildew, which can pose serious health risks as well as risks to your home. To combat this, raise the curtains so that they are a few inches above the bottom of the window, to allow for proper airflow.

Cleaning Your Windows On A Sunny Day

While you may think that cleaning your windows on a sunny day is a good idea, it actually has adverse effects on your windows. The sun causes your windows to dry too fast, which will in turn leave streaks on the glass. The best time to clean your windows is when it is cloudy out.

Dirt Build Up In Window Tracks

This is especially important for slider windows, but also applies to double hung windows, or any other window with sashes that move on a track. If they become difficult to operate, check the tracks for dirt and debris accumulation, which may cause them to jam or stick. When this issue is fixed the window should be operating smooth. This also prevents pitting and corrosion in the windows as well.

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