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Why You Should Replace Your Windows

Replacing your windows is something that is often overlooked when people think of home improvements. Usually when people think of spending money on improving their home, it’s going to be to redo the kitchen or the bathroom. However, replacing the windows is arguably the most important project of them all! While almost all home improvement jobs increase the value and curb appeal of the home, some of the benefits end at that. Replacing your windows on the other hand has a calculated ROI that can save you money in the short term and in the long run. Below are just a few of many reasons why you should strongly consider replacing your windows for your next home improvement project. Reduce Your Energy Bill and Help the Environment This is often overlooked when you are looking at your energy bill each month wondering what is draining all of your energy and your wallet. In reality, leaky windows are the cause for a lot of unwanted energy seeping out of the home. Windows that are poorly insulated have a tough time keeping the cool air inside of your home, and the hot air out during the summer. The same goes for the winter months, the warm air escapes through the window and the cold air comes in. As you can imagine, this means that more energy is going to be used to keep your home at the ideal temperature. In turn, your energy bill is going to increase as well as your carbon footprint. While using a little extra energy to heat and cool your home isn’t the sole purpose for global warming, if everybody used efficient windows it might start to make a difference on the environmental impact of burning fossil fuels. The way that modern windows are making a difference for the environment and your energy bill is the way that they are being made. While the concept was created almost 50 years ago, it’s only until the last few decades that it started being used commercially. Heat Mirror technology was created so that your windows insulate your home similar to a wall. A reflective film is placed between the panes of glass along with Krypton, a gas 12 times denser than air, to block over 99% of UV rays. This eliminates heat entering the home from the sun, while still allowing light to come into the home through the glass. These types of windows can have up to a 40% increase in insulation compared to traditional windows. This technology is truly remarkable and could become the norm in the near future. Make The Home More Secure Weak and faulty windows bring up a variety of safety issues inside the home. For one, they are an easy entry point for any burglars or other unwanted guests looking to enter the home. While it may seem that simply locking your windows at night is enough to prevent someone from entering the home, realistically the home is not as secure as you might think. It is definitely a good deterrent, but if someone really wanted to get in through your window it wouldn’t be that hard. In fact, with most old windows all someone would need was a butter knife to wedge between the windows and pop them out. New windows have an interlocking system that prevents the technique mentioned above to be used on the windows in order to gain entry. The way that it works is both sashes interlock with each other when the window closes eliminating the space between the windows where an object can be jammed in between to pry them apart. This also seals off the window so that no air is flowing in or out through the the space between the windows. Another perk to modern windows is the durability of the glass itself. Higher quality glass is engineered to make it harder to break. In fact in some cases, the glass can be so strong it can be used to hammer a nail into a piece of wood without the glass breaking. Now imagine a glass with that kind of strength being used in your home. Especially if you live in areas with extreme weather (most parts of the United States) modern windows will ease the fears that a strong storm could potentially put people in the home in danger. Improve The Curb Appeal of the Home While new windows do have their many benefits, another one is that it makes your home look nicer. Modern windows have many design options that were not around when the original windows in your home were installed. This means your windows can be customized to maximize the appeal of the home. This is also going to increase the value of the home so that when it comes time to sell the house it can be sold for more money. This combined with the money saved on your energy bill annually should come close to paying for itself making it a very attractive investment. Better Control of the Climate in the Home Upgrading your windows do give you an opportunity to have better control over the climate inside the home. Since modern windows have significantly greater insulating properties this means that you have greater control over the climate in the home. The climate inside your home is no longer influenced by the temperature outside, so next time there’s a windy winter day you’re not going to feel any drafts in the house. Another great aspect that these windows have is that they allow more light into the home. Even if it is a cloudy day or it is storming, your home will still be bright enough that you may be able to get by without turning on any lights. While it will probably be marginal, it will reduce your energy bill slightly. Finally, your home will be exactly how you want it at all times, when you combine that with the other benefits from these windows, you find yourself with almost a no-brainer decision. Connect with an expert today and see how replacing your windows can benefit you.

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